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Why Funnelbolt?


Funnelbolt is your central communication hub for your sales pipeline.

There are many benefits to CRM for the Insurance Industry

CRM can bring many benefits to the insurance industry and help companies improve their business processes through automation.

It is possible to find new leads and capture them through multiple channels. Then, you can create a customized outreach strategy to convert them into customers. CRM for insurance agency can also be used to streamline the internal processes by automating repetitive tasks.

Top benefits of insurance agency CRM software

1. Better data management
Because the insurance process is complex, agents must manage a lot of paperwork. Manually managing data can lead to errors and loss. Insurance agencies can use CRM software to improve their performance and collaborate with their agents. The CRM software for insurance can store all client information so that you don’t have to worry about it.

2. Follow up on leads
When you have many leads, lead management can be difficult. You need to keep in touch with your leads and manage them efficiently if you want to increase sales. It’s easy to track your leads with lead management. You’d be able to identify who you need to follow up with, what leads require more nurturing, and which leads can be closed immediately.

3. Customer relationship enhancement
An insurance CRM allows you to keep in constant touch with past and current clients via email and text messages. This feature allows you to communicate regular updates about any policy changes, attract new prospects, and upsell or cross-sell your policies.

4. Manage multiple agencies
CRM isn’t just for small and medium-sized businesses. It also allows large insurance companies the ability to manage multiple agencies. Insurance CRM for real estate brokers can be used to keep track of all changes and receive timely updates when you have multiple agencies.

5. Forecast your sales
You must be aware of your current business situation in order to create better marketing and sales strategies. You can spot trends with insightful sales reports and Analytics. You can even forecast sales by considering the key factors that affect your sales.

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Import Existing Leads or Generate Your Own
Whether you're working existing leads from your company CRM or wanting to generate your own leads, Funnelbolt gives you the right tools to generate and close leads.

Easily import leads, create landing pages, and assign campaigns for every stage of your pipeline


Sync Your Calendar and Start Booking Appointments
Funnelbolt's calendar is the most powerful and effective medical insurance lead conversion tool available. Quickly create events and share links to let the power of Funnelbolt's event-based campaigns do all the work, so you can focus on closing piping-hot leads daily.


Convert Leads to Sales on Auto-Pilot With Our Full CRM & Automated Pipeline
Automate your followup text, email and voicemail drops that drive conversions throughout the cycle of your sales pipeline. On average, our users see a near 50% improvement on lead conversion after implementing our one-click nurture campaigns.

Join Thousands of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs and Professionals

“Funnelbolt is designed to be the bridge between a lead and a closed sale. Whether you’re working company leads, and wanting to generate your own, Funnelbolt makes it easy to get leads to show up for more appointments, which translates to more sales to your bottom line.”


What makes Funnelbolt different?

Automated Sales Pipeline

Send the right message at the perfect time to your leads and contacts with Funnelbolt's automated pipeline

Set Appointments & Automate Followup

Sync your calendar, create events, and let the Funnelbolt do the heavy lifting to convert more of your leads to sales.

Unlimited Landing Pages and Contacts

Our drag-and-drop platform is consistently praised for its ease of use. If you can write an email, you can use Funnelbolt to it’s fullest potential.

Twilio & Google Integration

We'll show you how to simply integrate your twilio and google accounts for the easiest way to communicate with prospects.

Customizable Forms

Send the right message to increase real estate conversions with custom and intuitive forms.


Funnelbolt websites and landing pages run on the Google Cloud Services platform, which means you can be confident in near perfect uptime 24/7/365, without the security issues of other platforms.

World-class tech support

We’re confident you’ve never experienced tech support the way we do it. Our team of experts is just a click away anytime you hit a snag.

I tried other platforms, but Funnelbolt was the best for my business…

“Funnelbolt is an amazing software to help you communicate with clients and new prospects. The main reason I took the plunge is because they have the ability to automate anything and work with any niche you are in. The system is easy to learn, fast to adapt, and powerful.” Jeisy Porof, Healthmarkets Insurance Agent

"Leads without follow up is like a car without gas…"

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